A Program for Every Student

Yellow Wood Academy has many different kinds of programs to suit the needs of your student. Many of our students spend their whole day with us and come full-time. Others come only part-time, either as a reduced schedule or dual-enrolled. And some of our students are coming to us for one class, or to help get a jump on classes at other schools with our tutoring and test prep programs. Whatever program you decide is best for you and your student, we customize so it meets exactly what their needs are.

Full-Time Enrollment

Many of our students work with us for the whole school day this allows them to really weave themselves into the community of our school. Not only are they taking all their classes one-on-one or with a select group of cohorts with our incredible teachers, but they are part of our structured social groups, activity clubs, and events.

Part-Time & Partnered Enrollment

We love creating flexible programs that are perfectly tailored for our students. For many students that means coming to school on their own schedule with their own class load. And for others it means working with both us and another school. Whether your child needs a fewer classes than a traditional route or needs to work with us for only a portion of their day, our Deans can’t wait to help you find the right balance.

Single Class Enrollment

Often students need our program in a more targeted way and we are happy to find exactly the class your child needs to further their education. Whether it’s a class that has come with too much anxiety at another school, hasn’t gone the way you planned, or isn’t available somewhere else, we want to help your child succeed.


We work with students to augment classes they’re taking with other schools. We support their learning by helping them with homework, to fill in foundations, or to get a step ahead in order to make sure they’re succeeding in every way. Our tutoring classes can meet before or after school on your schedule so our team of teachers can get your child to where they need to be.