Core Team Principles

Encouraging Professional Growth:

Students grow and change every day, so educators at Yellow Wood Academy must be flexible enough to support that growth. We want our team to come on board with exciting ideas and a passion for education along with a desire to continually hone their practice. Through team feedback, professional development, and workshops we help our team develop both as professionals and as people.

Building Community:

At Yellow Wood Academy, we believe that the best way to help a student is with a dedicated team all looking out for the student’s best interest. That’s why we encourage our teachers to build connections with each other, to work together, and to lift each other up. We hold regular meetings to talk about each student’s program, and we organize our teachers into teams so they have a core group to rely on.

Fostering Diversity:

In a complex world, creative ideas and solutions are best formed by the widest range of perspectives. Therefore, Yellow Wood Academy welcomes a diverse community, and believes that a diverse community is essential to an environment that inspires learning and growth. Further, we believe that a community includes and embraces a range of differences in learning style, race, color, creed, religion, ethnic and national origin, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic background, neurodiversity and life experiences. We foster and encourage respect for personal differences, growth of the individual, and diversity within our school population.

How to Apply:

Follow one of the links below and apply through Indeed. If we feel like you will be a good fit, someone will be in touch with you.

2023-2024 Faculty Calendar:

The new year starts for teachers on August 21, 2023. Calendar link.


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